Pablo Martin Caminero


Pablo Martín Caminero

The actual jazz scene of Madrid is one of most vitalized scene in Europe at the moment.

One of the most creative musician is bass player Pablo Martín Caminero who worked long time in the band of Flamenco legend Gerardo Nuñez.

During the last 10 years Pablo started to concentrate himself more on his own career. In the meantime he is leader of a trio and a quintet which includes musicians from the Spanish – Cuban scene in Madrid. We are glad to welcome Pablo in our office now.


Daniel Garcia Diego


Daniel Garcia Trio and Antonio Lizana & Orient

have been selected by an international expert team to present their music during a concert at the jazzahead in Bremen on 29th of April of 2022.

Both bands are available the dates for other concerts before and after their show in Bremen


Daniel Garcia Diego


Great international press on Daniel García´s ACT album “Via de la Plata”

„Daniel García, the Jazzer from Salamanca, who is on a constant search for the perfect melody, releases „Vía de la Plata“ on ACT, one of the most prestigious labels in the world.“ - El País (ES)

“Daniel García is committed to exploring the natural affinities between jazz and flamenco.“ - WBGO (US)

“Daniel Garcia dives deep into his heritage and „Via de la plata“ is a culmination of his investigation of the link between jazz and flamenco.“ - JAZZIZ (US)

“Craftsmanship and level of compositional detail are exquisite, García’s arrangements are intricate and subtly balanced, and his achievement is to make our journey rich with musical variety and no shortage of wit and invention.“ - London Jazz News (GB)

“A thoroughly charming affair.“ - Jazz Weekly (US)

“A Madrid man on the Roman road: With "Vía de la Plata", pianist Daniel García ventures on the path of his origins.“ - France Musique (FR)

“A new reference in the Spanish jazz scene.“ - ABC (ES)

“A real force in the Spanish jazz scene, expertly traversing jazz and flamenco landscapes to create a signature, sophisticated sound.“ - The Jazz Session (GB)

“One of the most original and influential groups of the new generation of Spanish jazz and one of the most promising trios in European jazz. - Rtve (ES)

“Vivacious and beautiful. *****“ - Nettavisen (NO)

“Daniel García is right when he emphasizes flamenco and jazz as good elements to merge, and his recordings have the potential to become classics in such a tradition.“ - Lira (SE)

„Daniel García weaves together influences from many different directions - and the result is absolutely brilliant. One of the best releases from ACT this year, which means absolutely the highest world class.“ - Tidning7 (SE)

“Rippling with starpower guests in Ibrahim Maalouf, Gerardo Núñez and Anat Cohen the core Daniel García trio is a formidable unit at the heart of the flamenco-infused Vía de la Plata. A top tip for the autumn.“ - Marlbank (GB)

„Powerful music with beatuiful melodies. Wonderful.“ - B-ritmos (ES)

„Gedankenreich, klar, stilistisch lustwandlerisch und beseelt.“ - Deutschlandfunk Kultur (DE)

„Gesangliche Melodien in fein verwobene Arrangements, die facettenreich glitzernd und schimmernd den Fluss der Musik befördern. […] Schlichtweg betörend! Album des Monats“ - BR Klassik (DE)

„Via de la plata ist eine hochvirtuose Referenz Daniel Garcias an den kulturhistorischen Reichtum seiner Heimat.“ - Kulturnews (DE)

„Technisch brillante Pianistik, eine ausgezeichnete Rhythmusgruppe und erstklassige Gastmusiker.“ - Fono Forum (DE)

„Musik zum intensiven Eintauchen und ein genussvollstes Hörvergnügen vom ersten bis zum letzten Ton. Album der Woche.“ - NDR Kultur (DE)

„Eine Erzählung von Landschaft, Kultur und Geschichte, und eine Reise, auf die man gerne mitgeht.“ - SWR 2 (DE)

„Virtuos gespielt und voller spielerischer Leichtigkeit. Ein musikalischer Schmelztiegel der Extraklasse.“ - Kulturzeitschrift (AT)

„Ein teils feuriges, teils besinnliches Album, das die Heimat Garcías in jeder einzelnen Note zum Ausdruck bringt.“ - Jazz’n’More (CH)

„So abwechslungsreich und innovativ kann Flamenco-Jazz im Jahr 2021 klingen!“ - Rondo (DE)


Jakob Bro


Jakob Bro wrote:

I did record at the Vanguard a few weeks ago with Andrew Cyrille, Thomas Morgan and Mark Turner. This will come out on ECM at some point. Also, I just recorded a septet with Joe Lovano, Larry Grenadier, Thomas Morgan, Anders Christensen, Joey Baron and Jorge Rossy. Release date yet to be scheduled with ECM but it’s coming out at some point too. When it does, I’d like to present this band too in Europe.


Christof Lauer


Christof Lauer starts tour activities again

NEW ! Christof Lauer sax; Pablo Martín Caminero b; Jeff Ballard dr/perc


Antoinio Lizana


Antonio Lizana - flamenco Jazz musicians from Cadiz - is actually also working besides his Quintet Oriente with a Trio.

This new Trio is formed by Antonio Lizana sax/vocal, guitar player Manuel León, and Adrián Trujillo on percussion. The band can be booked in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by our agency.

Lizana Trio 22.09.-02.10.2022
Sultanov/novrasli – Sept / Oct 2022


Rain Shahin


Rain Sultanov & Shahin Novrasli Duo

"Beyond of Jazz" is a project, that brings together 15 years of collaboration between two unique musicians of our time. A project with Kenny Wheeler in 2005, "Voice of Karabakh" the album in 2014, or "Inspired by Nature", an album released in 2017 by Ozella Music certainly strengthens the two musicians' tandem

>>> Rain Sultanov – Shahin Novrasli / Azerbaijan (youtube)


Daniel Garcia


Daniel Garcia will release a new album with his Trio under the title “Via de la Plata” on ACT on 24th of September.

Invited guests are Ibrahim Maalouf trumpet, Anat Cohen clarinet, and Gerardo Núñez guitar. The Trio will be touring in November of 2021 and in April 2022 but they are available for concerts all over Europe on request.

>>> download Pdf (248 Kb)


Michael Oliviera


Michael Olivera & The Cuban Jazz Syndicate

Michael Olivera brings us a unique and unrepeatable experience to share with the Cuban music of yesterday and today, a mixture of the best Latin Jazz and the best artists. Michael Olivera & THE CUBAN JAZZ SYNDICATE, is a solid formation of enormous Cuban musicians led by the talented drummer Michael Olivera. They are premiered this year 2021 presenting their new album "And the light came", a very rich and fun mix of colors and emotions. Winners and nominees for the Latin Grammys, each of them has their own musical history and their own trajectory, having played with artists such as Chucho Valdez, Celia Cruz, Paquito D Rivera among many others. BUT BEWARE!!
When two Cuban musicians get together, the world falls apart! !! IN THIS CASE, THERE ARE SIX !!



Christof Lauer


One year after leaving the NDR Big Band in Hamburg Christof Lauer starts his tour activities again.

There will be a tour with his trio presenting Michel Godard and Patrice Héral in March/April 2022. Christof Lauer can also be booked solo for special events.



Daniel Humair


Daniel Humair is also working with a new trio.

Together with his Swiss friends Samuel Blaser (tb) and Heiri Kaenzig (b) they are creating interpretations of tunes by Kid Ory, Sydney Bechet, and the Original Dixieland Jass Band, as well as original compositions by the trio’s members, update the exuberance of early jazz with their collective grasp of a century’s advances.


Nunez Garcia


Flamenco Guitar Heroe Gerardo Nuñez is back in the studio at the moment.

Together with upcoming Spanish piano star Daniel Garcia and his Cuban Trio trio he is recording the second ACT album under Garcia´s name. The record will be released end of October 2021, the project can be booked during the spring 2022 for concerts.


Jakob Bro


Jakob Bro decided to revitalize his successful trio with Joey Baron and Thomas Morgan.

After touring with his actual Trio with Arve Hendriksen and Jorge Rossy Jakob Bro decided to revitalize his successful trio with Joey Baron and Thomas Morgan. The band can be booked during the second half of April. Meanwhile Bro is working on his next album with Mark Turner, Thomas Morgan and Jorge Rossy. This band will play at Village Vanguard in November this year 21. Drum legend Andrew Cyrille will join the band instead of Jorge Rossy during their stay in New York. We can already announce a tour of this prestigious quartet With Andrew Cyrille for October/November 2022.



Joachim Kühn


Joachim Kühn: Restart after Corona break

Restart after Corona break with new releases in February 2021.
Joachim Kühn – Touch the Light

ACT 2702 CD Release date: February 26, 2021

>>> Download more infos


Jakob Bro


Jakob Bro: Restart after Corona break

Restart after Corona break with new releases in February 2021.
Jakob Bro – Uma Elmo
Jakob Bro: guitar
Arve Henriksen: trumpet, piccolo trumpet
Jorge Rossy: drums
ECM 2702 CD: 6024 3528227 5 Release date: February 12, 2021

>>> Download more infos


Antonio Lizana


Antonio Lizana signs contract with Warner Brothers

Antonio Lizana´s next album will released by the major company Warner Brothers under the title „Una Realdad Diferente“.
The album will be released in May 2021!

Antonio can be booked for Germany, Switzerland and Austria for next March of 2021.
He is also available for special events during fall 2020!!


Rycardo Moreno


Rycardo Moreno

Again news from Spain!!

With guitar player, composer and arranger Rycardo Moreno we can offer another great musician from the Spanish music scene. Rycardo Moreno shows us the way into the Spanish music of the 21st century!!!!

Have a look into his fantastic video under https://youtu.be/IWS5w38ghCI


Cæcilie Norby


Cæcilie Norby

Cæcilie just released a new album with her new project Sisters in Jazz for the ACT label but she is also available with bass player & Lars Danielsson.
>>> Cæcilie Norby



Supersonus – The European Resonance Ensemble

Marco Ambrosini, nyckelharpa, jew’s harp
Anna-Maria Hefele, overtone singing
Eva-Maria Rusche, harpsichord
Wolf Janscha, jew’s harp
Anna-Liisa Eller, kannel


The debut album of SUPERSONUS – now at ECM Records



Jean Louis Matinier & Kevin Seddiki

Jean Louis Matinier accordeon
Kevin Seddiki git

New album on ECM in 2020

Jean Louis Matinier, who is in the tradition of other great French accordionists, has meanwhile matured into one of the most important representatives of his instrument in Europe. As a member of the Orchestre National de Jazz and the Bucher des Silences group, he has attracted international attention for the first time.

French Guitar and percussion player Kevin Seddiki already played with various internationally acclaimed musicians from different cultures and musical fields. Among them, the argentinian Bandoneonist Dino Saluzzi, Al Di Meola, Philip Catherine, but also the Quatuor Voce, Michel Legrand, Vincent Segal, Bijan Chemirani, Phillipe Jarrousky, and many others. In 2009, he won ( ex-aequo ) the "European Guitar Award", in Dresden, Germany



Beatriz Nunes „CANTO PRIMEIRO“
- on tour March/April 2020

Beatriz Nunes voc
Mário Franco b
Luís Barrigas p
Jorge Moniz dr

Beatriz Nunes’ album Canto Primeiro is the singer’s debut as an author. This album shows Beatriz Nunes’ experience between Classical, Jazz and Portuguese music. Her collaboration with Pedro Ayres Magalhães in Madredeus group since 2012 had a significant impact in the process of finding her own voice.
Canto Primeiro is mostly an album of Portuguese songs with contemplative character, between the heritage of Portuguese music and Jazz. It aims for a clean, simple and raw sonority.

Canto Primeiro has been selected to showcase in European Jazz Conference in 2018 and has been selected as Best Jazz in September 2018 in the Europe Jazz Media Chart by the critic Henning Bolte from Jazzism. It has also been a top 5 seller by Xango Music distribution in January and February 2019.



Joachim Kühn „Melodic Ornette Coleman

Four-star review of Joachim Kühn „Melodic Ornette Coleman“ (release February 22nd) from DOWNBEAT. The album is also featured in the Hot Box of the March issue.
>>> download



Maciey Obara nominated for BMW JAZZ WELT AWARD 2019

The eleventh edition of the BMW Welt Jazz Award will celebrate the variety of “Saxophone Worlds”.
Maciej Obara is among six great saxophone players selected for this year's nominations together with Rudresh Mahanthappa, Céline Bonacina, Géraldine Laurent, Matthieu Bordenave, and Maria Faust!Maciej Obara Quartet with Dominik Wania on piano, Ole Morten Vagan on bass and Gard Nilssen on drums will perform the elimination concert in the double-cone concert hall of BMW Welt on Jan 27th.
Following all six nominees' concerts, an expert jury will select two ensembles to perform at the final concert held in the auditorium of the BMW Welt on May 4th 2019, where the winner of the BMW Welt Jazz Award 2019 will be announced.
“This is a contemporary-jazz album of character and exhilarating drive.”
The Guardian

"The unobstructed sounds of Maciej Obara Quartet, a group with a strong talent to transform and adapt, oscillate extravagantly in mood, according to the emotional fragility or exhilarating imperiousness that might prevail.
It is, indeed, a wonderful ECM debut."

“When Obara does fire up the quartet, comparisons with Chris Potter's small ensembles aren't amiss. In more poetic, introspective mood there are shades of Andy Sheppard's less-is-more art. At other times Obara's yearning balladry conjures the restless spirit of Charles Lloyd. Such evocations, however, are fleeting, for Obara is, above all, an original voice. Nevertheless, Unloved makes the undemonstrative but confident claim that amongst such revered ranks Obara now deserves to be considered”.
All About Jazz

"Harking back to the label's 70. heyday, Unloved brims with mercurial lyricism, classical granduer, and free-roaming improvisation (..). Respecting and renewing ECM's time-honoured traditions, Obara slots effortlessly into the talent roster and should be a fixture for many years to come".
Jazz Journal UK

"Ruminative, deeply lyrical and impassioned, Unloved is the calling card of a significant musician whose star is on the rise."
All About Jazz

Unloved recording was also listed among
"excellent 2017 albums that deserve your attention" on The Big City blog.



Joachim Kühn meets Ornette Coleman
JOACHIM KÜHN will celebrate his 75th birthday in March 2019.

The Label ACT Music & Vision will release a new solo recording by the Top Eropean Jazzpianist for this reason.

The album contents never recorded compositions by Ornette Coleman coming from their colaboration between 1996 and 2001.

Together with his own originals, Joachim Kühn will perform this new solo program for festivals and concerts during 2019 / 2020.



Concertbüro Uli Fild proud to welcome this outstanding
ECM musician in his artistic rooster.

The Quartet of the wonderful alto player Maciej Obara gave a fantastic concert during the jazz gala at the Bremen jazz ahead.

>>> for more information



Brandnew music from our artists:
Joachim Kühn New Trio

Joachim Kühn p; Chris Jennings b; Eric Schaefer dr

Jazz Echo Winner 2017 Elected by the German Phonoakademie as best German Ensemble in 2017
Winner of German Jazz Trophy 2018
ACT CD "Love & peace" 26th of Jan 2018

>>> for more information


Klaus Paier & Asja Valcic Quartet

Klaus Paier akkordeon/bandoneon; Asja Valcic cello, Stefan Gfrerrer b , Roman Werni dr
ACT CD "Cinema Scenes" 26th of Jan 2018

>>> for more information


Jakob Bro Quartet

Jakob Bro git, Palle Mikkelborg tp, Thomas Morgan b & Jon Christensen dr
ECM CD MARCH 2018: "Returnings" 23rd of March of 2018



Daniel Garcia – represented by Concertbüro Uli Fild

The Spanish Jazz scene is getting more and more importance in Europe.

One of the most exciting musicians is Daniel Garcia´s Trio "Alba" with
Daniel Garcia on p, Reinier Elizarde “el Negrón”- on bass and Michael Olivera on dr.

Daniel Garcia is also member of Antonio Lizana´s Band Oriente.

His band is can be booked by Concertbüro Uli Fild in the countries of Middle Europe.

>>> www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QoGiOYwivM
>>> www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGp3t_iT2j8



Antonio Lizana – represented by Concertbüro Uli Fild

Antonio Lizana sax & voc
Jesús Caparrós bass
Daniel Garcia piano
Shayan Fathi dr;
Jose Maria Castano dancer

Auf den ersten Blick haben Flamenco und Jazz nicht viel miteinander zu tun, aber wenn man eine Stimme hat wie Antonio Lizana und ein Instrument, das Saxofon, so virtuos beherrscht, wenn sich beide Talente mit hoher Improvisationskunst und der Neugier auf gemeinsame Wurzeln unterschiedlicher Klangwelten verbinden – dann wachsen diese Welten auf das Verführerischste zusammen.

„Oriente“, das jüngste bei Sony erschienene Album der Band, bringt nun den Reichtum und die Schönheit arabischer Musik mit ins Spiel. Special guest ist Flamencotänzer José María Castaño

Aktuelle Tourdaten für Deutschland (en colaboración con la Embajada de Espana):

19.09.17 Hannover Lister Turm
20.09.17 Berlin Klunkerkranich
21.09.17 Düsseldorf NRW Bank
22.09.17 Langenfeld Schauplatz


Tourdaten 2018: Mai und Juli/August und auf Anfrage




Joachim Kühn New Trio als bestes nationales Ensemble!

Heute hat die Deutsche Phono-Akademie, das Kulturinstitut des Bundesverbandes Musikindustrie (BVMI),
die Preisträger des diesjährigen Jazz Echos 2017 bekanntgegeben.

Dazu gehört u.a. das Joachim Kühn New Trio als bestes nationales Ensemble.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Joachim Kühn, Chris Jennings und Eric Schaefer!




Cuban band Asere back with new line up

The Cuban band Asere is back in Europe. First concerts will take place with the new line up in July and early August of 2017.
Bookings for Germany, Switzerland and Austria through our agency!




Las Migas auf Tournee in Deutschland - Schweiz - Österreich

Im November 2016 waren die vier spanischen Musikerinnen aus Barcelona auf einer langen Gastspielreise durch die USA. Auch bei uns haben sich die Migas in den letzten Jahren einen Namen gemacht, nun soll nach ihren aktuellen Erfolgen in ihrem Heimatland Spanien der große Durchbruch in Mitteleuropa gelingen. Vom 23. November bis zum 04. Dezember 2017 werden sie eine Promotion Tournee durch Mitteleuropa absolvieren.




Jarry Singla – represented by Concertbüro Uli Fild

The Mumbai Project (Double Moon/in-akustik)

Gleich zwei CDs füllt das „Mumbai Project“ des deutschen Pianisten Jarry Singla, das er dank der Unterstützung der Kunststiftung NRW realisieren konnte. In Mumbai erforschte Singla seine indischen Wurzeln und rekrutierte mit dem Sänger Sanjeev Chimmalgi, dem Sarod-Spieler Pratik Shrivastav und Vinayak Netke an der Tabla drei indische Virtuosen. Mit dem Bassisten Christian Ramond und dem Perkussionisten Ramesh Shotham konnte Singla die Band in Deutschland zum Sextett erweitern. Das Ergebnis ist eine hochkarätige Fusion von nordindischer Klassik, südindischer Rhythmik und europäischer Polyphonie. In allen zwölf Kompositionen wechseln sich improvisierte und komponierte Passagen ab, zwischen halsbrecherischer rhythmischer Rasanz und kontemplativer Klangversenkung ist alles dabei, was man sich von einer derartigen musikalischen Begegnung versprechen kann.

Ende September wird die Gruppe wieder in Deutschland zusammenkommen, um mit der Big Band des Hessischen Rundfunks eine gemeinsame Produktion einzuspielen.

Im Anschluss daran wird die Band für einige Konzerten zu buchen sein.





Ein Film von Christoph Hübner und Gabriele Voss
Deutschland 2013

(VÖ-Verkauf: 28.10.2016)


Drei Jazzmusiker, der Deutsche Joachim Kühn, der Marokkaner Majid Bekkas und der Spanier Ramon Lopez, erfüllen sich einen lange gehegten Traum. Einen Monat gemeinsame Zeit in Marokko. Zeit für Musik, für Begegnungen und für eine neue CD. Sie mieten ein kleines Studio in Rabat und laden Gastmusiker dorthin ein. Sie fahren in die Wüste, um eine Percussion-Gruppe zu treffen und mit ihnen Aufnahmen zu machen. Dazwischen Abstecher in den Alltag, Abstürze und kleine Krisen. Jeder der Musiker hat ein Solo. Ein Film über improvisierte Musik und die Arbeit an ihr, ein Film über die Begegnung verschiedener Kulturen, ein Film über das Fremde und das Eigene. Wo kommt man her und wo will man hin?
Und jede Menge gute Musik.

Die DVD ist bei Concertbüro Uli Fild für € 17,90 zzgl. Versandkosten erhältlich. Nehmen Sie bitte per >>> Mail mit uns Kontakt auf.

Extras: Booklet mit Texten zum Film, Bonus-Filme „Das Leben vom Fenster aus“, „Ins Offene“, „Eine Zugabe“ und „Nachklang“
Laufzeit: 87 Min. Hauptfilm, 28 Min. Extras
Bild: 16:9
Ton: 5.1
Sprache: Deutsch/Französisch/Englisch
Untertitel: Deutsch, Englisch
FSK: ab 0 Jahren freigegeben
Label: good!movies
Vertrieb: Indigo
EAN-Code: 4015698006148
Bestell-Nr.: DV 128908




Nguyên Lê – new projects

Nguyên Lê & Ngô Hồng Quang
New ACT album February 2017

Nguyen Lê plays the music to the Japanes movie
„A Page of Madness“ from Karutta Ippeiji (1926)

"A Page of Madness " (Kurutta Ippeiji) is a japanese movie created in 1926 by Teinosuke
Kinugasa after a scenario by Yasunari Kawabata.

Nguyên Lê, el. guitar, electronics & laptop; Mieko Miyazaki, koto & vocals; Nils Petter Molvaer, trumpet & electronics; Jan Bang, live sampling; Manuel Solans, violin 1;
Louise Salmona, violin 2; Emmanuel François, viola; Marie Ythier, cello; Chris Jennings, double Bass


>>> Nguyên Lê & + Ngô Hồng Quang - Duo (PDF)

>>> Nguyên Lê & + Ngô Hồng Quang - english (PDF)




Philip Catherine – represented by Concertbüro Uli Fild

Concertbüro Uli Fild is offering Philip Catherine!




Sona Jobarteh

850 people listened to a fantastic concert of Sona Jobarteh and her band at Skulpturenpark Wuppertal on 13th of August.




Gerardo Nunez & Ulf Walkenius

On tour in April/May 2017

New album on ACT: Gerardo Nunez & Ulf Walkenius feat. Cepillo„Logos“




Klaus Paier & Asja Valcic represented by Concertbüro Uli Fild

Concertbüro Uli Fild is offering Klaus Paier & Asja Valcic!




Bennie Maupin & Christian Stock Trio

On tour : 21.10.16 - 20.11.2016

Bennie Maupin reeds
Martin Schrack piano
Christian Stock b
Walter Bittner dr




Concertbüro Uli Fild brings more Ethnical music to Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Sona Jobarteh is the first female Kora virtuoso to come from a west African Griot family.

Breaking away from tradition, she is a modern day pioneer in an ancient, male-dominated
hereditary tradition that has been exclusively handed down from father to son for the past seven centuries.

Welcome Sona Jobarteh to the artist family of Concertbüro Uli Fild!




Guitar player and ECM artist Jakob Bro joined Concertbüro Uli Fild.

Jakob Bro is offering a Trio tour with Joey Baron and Thomas Morgan for next November and some festival
events in July of 2016.




New Ethno Star represented by Concertbüro Uli Fild: Mor Karbasi

Concertbüro Uli Fild is offering the singer Mor Karbasi in Germany, Switzerland and Austriafrom now on.

All her influences come together in her predominately Sephardic Jewish repertoire: from traditional Jewish songs, to her own contemporary compositions.

Ladino speaking Jews, were forced to leave Spain in the 15th century, as a result of the Catholic unification of the two main Spanish Kingdoms, and defeat and expulsion of the Moors. In Mor’s music you can hear the unmistakable influences of both Flamenco and Fado.

Karbasi is touring her music in Festivals and theatres in France, Germany Belgium, Holland, UK, Israel, Spain, and writing the material for an eagerly awaited fourth recording due in Spring 2016.




Emile Parisien and Joachim Kühn met at this year´s Marciac Festival and played a wonderful concert together.

After the show both musicians decided to continue their colaboration in the future and to offer this project all over Europe by Concertbüro Uli
Fild and Laurent Carrier together.

Emile Parisien Quintet feat. Joachim Kühn
(in collaboration with Laurent Carrier (www.orotone.fr)
Emile Parisien ss; Joachim Kühn p; Simon Tailleu b; Manu Codjia elec. git; Mario Costa dr




Spanish bass master Baldo Martinez goes to Europe with Concertbüro Uli Fild

One of the leading Spanish jazz musicians - Baldo Martinez – founded a new European Quartet.

With French violin player Dominique Pifarely, drummer Ramon Lopez - known by his collaboration with Joachim Kühn - and Swiss trombone player Samuel Blaser Baldo Martinez is offering a new color of contemporary jazz.

You can listen to the sound of the band:

(Isla de piedra -Jazz no parque 2014-Portugal)
(La travesía -Jazz no parque 2014-Portugal)
(Sombra -Jazz no parque 2014-Portugal)
(Puente del estrecho -Jazz no parque 2014-Portugal)




XXV Curso Flamenco

My proposition for all flamenco aficionados for this summer :
La info en : www.cursoflamenco.com




Welcome Michel Godard!

We are glad to welcome French Tuba player Michel Godard as new artist in our agency.

Michel Godard is offering following projects:

Michel Godard: serpent/bass; Guillemette Laurens: voice; Fanny Paccoud: violin; Bruno Helstroffer: théorbo; Gavino Murgia: Voice, saxophone

Michel Godard and "le miroir du temps" - A serpent's dream
Michel Godard: serpent,bass, tuba; Katharina Bäuml: Schawn; Bruno Hestroffer: Theorbo; Lucas Niggli : Drums - new cd will be released on "Intuition" in September 2015

Trio Biondini/Godard/Niggli
Luciano Biondini accordeon; Michel Godard: serpent, bass, tuba; Lucas Niggli : Drums

Duo Godard/Snetberger
Michel Godard: serpent,bass, tuba; Ferenc Snetberger git





Juliette Gréco dit au revoir!

Madame Juliette Gréco will finish her long career and wants to say good-bye to her fans who accompanied the French Chanson star for so many decades.

Some few additional concerts can be booked for the „good-bye tour“ through our agency for Germany, Switzerland and Austria!





Paolo Fresu & Daniele Di Bonaventura on tour 2016

ECM records just published a new recording from the Italian Duo Paolo Fresu & Daniele di Bonaventura.

Both musicians have been playing together with the Coriscan voices group A Filetta for years. Now they took the decision to present their intimate music also live during a duo tour in 2016.

Concertbüro Uli Fild is proud to present this excellent duo in the German speaking countries for a tour in February 2016 during following periods:
from 25th to 28th of February & from 10th to 14th of March





Marc Copland is touring with
his new quartet through Europe:

Marc Copland Quartet
Marc Copland p;
Ralph Alessi tp;
Drew Gress b;
Joey Baron dr

Available dates are between 25th of November and 6th of December of 2015




Marco Ambrosini and Jean Louis Matinier

Marco Ambrosini nyckelharpa;
Jean Louis Matinier acc
ECM records





Brass Bang summer 2015

Paolo Fresu (tpt - flh - eff)
Steven Bernstein (tpt - slide tpt - eff)
Gianluca Petrella (tb - eff)
Marcus Rojas or Oren Marshall (tuba)





Enrico Rava New Quartet
fall 2015

Enrico Rava (tp),
Francesco Diodato (git),
Gabriele Evangelista (cb),
Enrico Morello (dr)





Nguyen Lê „Fire & Water“ Trio
fall 2015

With Nguyen Lê gtr;
Chris Jennings ac Bass;
Stéphane Edouard perc