Rycardo Moreno guitar
Tony Romero keyboards
David Dominguez drums

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Born in Lebrija, Sevilla, in 1981, Rycardo Moreno has worked as a musical producer, arranger, composer and guitarist. He was discovered by Gerardo Nuñez who decided to launch his career as solo guitarist and became his mentor. Rycardo’s first and second solo works, “VAREKAI” and “AGALEANO”, were both edited by Nuba Karonte. He worked with famous artists, such as Concha Buika, Arcángel, Esperanza Fernandez, Jorge Pardo,  Alba Molina, Raimundo Amador, Josemi Carmona, Jose Valencia, Yelsi Heredia etc.
Rycardo Moreno participated in pianist Dorantes’ CD “Sin Muros” and Esperanza’s “Mi Voz en tu Palabra“ as well as in Jorge Pardo’s „Historias de Rahda y Krishna” and “Djinn”.
He collaborated in Lole Motoya’s CD playing guitar and arranging Alejandro Sanz’ “Metáforas”, was second guitarist during Raimundo Amador’s „Medio Hombre y Medio Guitarra“ Tour and in Tomás de Perrata’s CD „Infundido“. As a guitarist he collaborated with the Quártet Dorantes in the San Sebastián Jazz festival as well as in San Javier, Toulouse, Paris and at the National Auditory of Spain.

With Jorge Pardo’s Quartet “Huellas“ he performed in Sanlúcar de Barrameda Jazz.
For several years Rycardo Moreno worked at the Flamenco Biennial of Sevilla with artists such as Dorantes and Ricardo Pachón .
In 2012 he went to New York where he worked with his quartet “Flamenco World Music” and performed several shows for the NY Cervantes Institut with Havier Rubiel.
During his stay in New York he started recording the first solo album under his own name, “VAREKAI”, released in 2015. On this album we hear an artist who evokes  Patio Gypsy meetings, imagining Sevillian suburbs opening their windows to the 21st century , developing stories of   loneliness  based on the voice of Fernanda Esperanza.     
In some parts the music reminds of Romano folk music seen through the eyes of Pedro Aznar, Ludovico Einaudi or Pat Metheny; at the same time Rycardo imposes a branch of flamenco jazz influenced by various Latin rhythms, from tango to bolero and Brazilian influenced bulerías .
The album has been presented at venues like the Rome Philharmonic, Cape Verdean Festival “Cidade”, Israel Mediterranean Festival and the Flamenco Biennial of Sevilla.

Rycardo’s latest work, “AGALEANO“, is a tribute to the Uruguayan writer EDUARDO GALEANO. According to Rycardo, Galeano’s “EL LIBRO DE LOS ABRAZOS“ is impregnated with music – you only have to decode it. As a result, Rycardo presents 12 “literature compositions“ of avant-garde flamenco. On the CD, Rycardo Moreno’s guitar is accompanied by the voice of Sandra Carrasco, the accordeon of Portuguese artist João, and the diversity of instruments of Poti Trujillo
Along with this latest project, he is busy with a short film called “SUEÑAN EN ALEPO”, working as a screenwriter and a co-director with Manuel de Toro.