The Galician double-bass player Baldo Martínez is one of the most representative musicians within Spanish contemporary jazz and one of those with greater recognition outside of Spain, especially in Europe, proof of which is the recent tour of  Germany [Trienal Festival of  Cologne, European Jazz made in... (Munich)] where he presented the Projecto Miño, one of the most daring and innovative directed by Baldo Martínez.. In 1994 he formed his own group, after previously founding bands like Zyklus or Clunia, and having worked with respected national and international musicians: Paolo Fresu (2003), Louis Sclavis (2006), Joachim Kuhn (from 2005), Jorge Pardo, Wade Mattews, Carlo Actis Dato (from 2001), Maria Joao (from 1985), Mike Rabinowitz, Chano Dominguez, Angel Rubio and a long etc.

Baldo Martinez's first record, "No Pais dos Enanos" was received with very positive reviews and was considered by the magazine Cuadernos de Jazz as the 2nd best record in 1996. Two years later he presented his second work as leader, "Juego de Niños" in the Matosinhos-Porto International European Jazz Festival (Portugal) where it received great acclaim from the public and very favourable reviews.This record was also considered to be one of the five best in 1998. He also presented it in France, where it was very well recieved "standing apart within Spanish Jazz, Baldo Martinez impregnates with elegance and creativity the paths of European Jazz". Featured also in the special cultural supplement Babelia, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the newspaper El País, he was considered to be one of the most prominent Spanish jazz musicians within the European jazz scene.

With this group he has participated in the EUROJAZZ in Mexico, this festival show the last ways of European Jazz. "The Baldo Martinez quintet has managed to .........the idea of flamenco-jazz and has enriched it with the influence of popular music creating a personal language...a music laced with ethnic tonalities with contemporary touches" (El Heraldo de MEXICO, April 2002)

In 1999 he was asked to lead Miño Project in the International Jazz Festival in Guimaraes, Portugal, considered to be one of the most important within the new European jazz scene. This project develops a reperetory based on the traditional music of Galicia and the north of Portugal, with a nine piece band (Maria Joao, Gregg Moore, Carlos Beceiro, etc..).Worthy of mention also is his recent collaborations with the Italian musicians Carlo Actis Dato or Paolo Fresu.

It is one of the most stable and solid groups currently existing in Spain, formed with internationally recognized musicians. Baldo Martinez have take his music for Spain, Germany, Portugal, Morocco, Mexico, Luxemburgo, France, Poland...

The recording by the title "Nai" (2001), mixes a large part of his musical experiences, and we can find music inspired in folk, especially Galician, played with vanguard style within current European jazz.

The group is formed by leading musicians from the national scene; the guitar player Antonio Bravo, revelation in recent years; the British trumpet-player David Herrington, very creative with his warm sound, on drums and electronic percussion, Pedro Lopez, one of the most imaginative musicians who also formed part of the group Zyclus with Baldo Martinez, and the most recent member, Marcelo Peralta, saxophone player, virtuoso and great improviser, who lends the group a personality and sonority that fits perfectly within the eschetic planning of Baldo Martinez's music.

Some years after it's creation he presented the Proyecto Miño in Spain in the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid within the Festival Internacional Escena Contemporánea, achieving great recognition from the public and media, who described it as "one of the most emotive, ambitious, exuberant and intelligent projects that has appeared in Spanish jazz in a long time" Pablo Sanz –EL MUNDO-

During the year 2005, he edited two CD's, one with his quintet, called
TUSITALA and another in duo with the Italian saxophone and bass-clarinet player Carlo Actis Dato, titled FOLKLORE IMAGINARIO from the British label, Leo Records.

The PROJECTO MIÑO recording was finally edited in 2008, getting the best reviews both in Spain and abroad. Also has been nominated for the Annual Music Awards of the Spanish Cultural Ministery.

PROJECTO MIÑO (roots jazz)


The Miño Project came about through a comission for the Portuguese
Guimaraes International Jazz Festival for Baldo Martinez, Galician double bassist noted for his work in the area of modern tendencies of European jazz.

Some of the compositions, all originals, are based on traditional lyrics and music from his home-land. They are interpreted by nine excellent musicians, each one well known in the jazz and folk circuits, who achieve a rich and varied timbre, combining traditional instruments like hurdy-gurdy together with electric guitar, tuba, vibes, double bass... developed within a contemporary jazz idiom, this music is inspired by the traditional music from the river Miño area, on the border between Galicia in the north-west of Spain and the north of Portugal. It offers a personal approach within the latest European jazz fields with very strong autoctonas roots.

Projecto Miño has been presented in Germany -MUSIK TRIENNALE KÖLN-Stadgarten- in Cologne, and EUROPEAN JAZZ MADE IN SPAIN-Unterfaht Jazz Club- in Munich-. In Morocco (Rabat and Tanger festivals), France… Last June 11th 2011, in the Inntöne Jazz Festival (Austria).
Also in some of the most important Spanish Festivals as Madrid, San Sebastián, Vigo, Getxo (Bilbao), Valencia, Cantabria…

GERMAN DÍAZ - Hurdy-Gurdy
CHIAKI MAWATARI - Tuba & Serpenton
DAVID HERRINGTON - Trumpet y Flugel-horn
ALEJANDRO PÉREZ - Tenor and soprano saxes, clarinet
ANTONIO BRAVO - Electric guitar
LUCÍA MARTÍNEZ - Vibraphone and percussion
PEDRO LÓPEZ - Drums and electronic percussion
BALDO MARTÍNEZ - Double-bass, composition and musical arrangements