The Cuban group Asere return to Europe following a 65 date tour of the USA with a new show and an exciting 11 piece band featuring horns, strings, three singers, tres, guitar, bass and an arsenal of percussion. 2017 marks twenty years since Cuban Soul, their debut album, and their first European tour.

Formed in Havana in 1996 a group of young musicians came together to explore their shared musical heritage working with traditional styles long since ignored by their own generation. Asere’s contribution to the evolution and appreciation of Cuban music across the world over the last twenty years has been significant, bringing fresh energy and innovative songwriting whilst respectfully reflecting on and revisiting the soulful work of their ancestors.

Asere emerged onto the European scene as young ‘soneros’ around the same time as the older generation came with the Buena Vista Social Club, indeed their Tres player Eliades Ochoa gave Asere the mantle ‘Son del nuevo milenio’ after seeing them perform in Santiago de Cuba. They have lived up to that title and continue to deliver honest roots music with a contemporary twist.

Asere / Cuba

Ney Aranda Casanova (Bongos, Cowbell Congas, Percussion Backing Vocals & Lead Voval)
Vicente Arencibia (Congas, Lead Vocal and Backing Vocals)
Yoan Sanchez (Timbales, Bongos, Cajon, Snare, KIck, Cowbell)
Abel Sanabria (Electric & Baby Bass)
Yuniel Rascon (Spanish Guitar & Backing Vocals)
Jorge Quevedo (Violin 2)
Jenny Padron (Violin 1)
Daniel Carnago (Tres, Steel guitar & Backing Vocals)
Ricardo (PIKI) Fernandez (Main Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals & Hand Percussion)
Michel Padron (Trumpet, Backing Vocals and Band Leader)
Eikel Venegas (Trumpet, Trombone & Backing Vocals)